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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
I'm curious how many of you have or have had to deal with teammates that were extremely confident in their abilities. How do you approach the situation?

One of our teammates is quite good, can stick handle very well, and scores a lot of goals for us. I should add that while i think he could play up a level, i don't think hes head and shoulders better, or too good to be playing in our level. My issue is that I feel the reason he scores so much is because he rarely passes the puck. He'd rather try to go through 3 players than take a chance passing to a pretty open teammate. He also tends to take quite long shifts. I fully believe this is because he is quite good, believes he is good, doesn't trust some of us and thinks we have a better chance at scoring if he is on the ice and/or takes it himself. He's a really good guy, its just frustrating to watch from D sometimes and i don't know if i should approach it, or how to go about saying something.

Anyone have any experience with a situation like this?
We had a guy like that on our team about 2-3 years ago. Lost the game in either the closing seconds of regulation or OT. Dude gets pissed, throws his stick across the locker room like a javelin, and goes into a tantrum about how he's the only one trying out there. Yeah, when he's taking 5 minute shifts, nobody else gets a chance to try, not to mention the score was something like 8-7 or 7-6...which yes, the game was every bit one-dimensional as the score indicates.

One guy, and it was the least likely person from the team to ever speak up during something like this, looks at the guy and says "Nailers are in town this weekend. Why don't you talk to them about a tryout?" Considering the situation - we just lost, the quiet person on the team unexpectedly speaks up to the showboater - the entire room starts laughing. Showboater doesn't say a word, gets changed, and says he doesn't need this **** and never showed up the rest of the year. Needless to say, with that player gone, the season was much better since people were actually able to take a regular shift and not worry about when a certain player felt like coming off.

Regardless of whether that player is that good or not, he's still a rec leaguer just like everybody else on the team.

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