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06-28-2013, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I was hinting at the awkwardness it would create in future negotiations. This isn't the first time they had a bad encounter with Winters.

Obviously if its a guy they really want they'll pursue it but if its a guy they're on the fence about they may just say screw it and not deal with Winters.

Anyway it's still dumb on his part to be acting like an idiot when the Flyers handled the situation pretty well. I don't know why he was blindsided by the buy-out when everyone was hinting at it as soon as the new CBA was passed.
I agree that it's a stupid way to make your client look like a total victim in order to get th a new deal.

Is there a GM in the NHL that would buy this BS? There can't be on that says, "Ya know, Bryz played terrible last year; however, he has some great excuses. Lets lock him up."

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