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06-28-2013, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by puckrush View Post
1994 Champs.

1979 Stanley Cup Finals. Rangers 40 win underdogs get to the Finals against 52 win dominant Canadiens team.

1972 Stanley Cup Finals. Every game the Rangers lose in the 6 game series is by ONE goal, with exception to game 6. Again dominant Bruins team.

1950 Stanley Cup Finals. Rangers can't play a single playoff game on home ice because of the Circus. Game 7 double overtime. Pete Babando scores.

1940 Champs.

1937 Stanley Cup Final. Rangers lose 3 games to 2. Goal differential? One goal.

1933 Champs.

1932 Stanley Cup Final. Lost handily.

1929 Stanley Cup Final. Lost handily.

1928 Champs.

I didn't even have to look any of that up. But you knew all of that, right? Because you know everything to back up that pompous know-it-all attitude, right?

You know about the political landscape of the NHL through that "6 team" era, right? Such as the Canadiens and Maple Leafs rights within a 50 mile radius, prime player development areas, and the Canadiens had been granted special drafts to maintain rights to players other teams couldn't touch. James Norris basically owned in one way or another the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Rangers, and Bruins at once "The Norris House League". You knew that right? Rangers had to lose high profile players to the second world war. Rangers couldn't play home playoff games...ever.
Thanks for the needless history lesson. I did know that, all of it...I know, I know, that only adds to my "know-it-all attitude" Sorry.

Im simply asking you why you feel the need to produce a litany of excuses as to why this organization has struggled over the last several decades.

6 Stanley Cup finals in their first 14 years of existence in a 6 team league. Way to go! 4 Stanley Cup finals since - in 73 years. And when pressed for a reason as to why thats the case, the best answer you can come up with is a few bad bounces. Thats a crock. Next time you address me, be prepared to discuss the litany of managerial mistakes over those decades. Because, at this point, I feel sorry for you and your state of complacency.

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