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06-28-2013, 09:55 AM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
They shouldn't play together.
I disagree 100%. Max had his best years in Hamilton when DD was signed and then the half season they came up together, they played well. Then the following season adding Cole, they played amazing.

I don't understand the reasoning (or lack thereof) of why they shouldn't be on the same line...

Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Absolutely. Find this guy a big, hairy winger to act as Pacioretty's personal deflection-board. One of Pacioretty's strengths is his laser-beam wrist shot. When he's on, the guy's a professional pickpocket. He shouldn't be the guy camped in front of the net, he should be the one shooting to the guy in front of the net. That guy won't be DD, so yes, another Cole-like forward is needed. The guy's a shooter - let him shoot.

That said, Pacioretty still needs to find his inner beast and use his size more, but for the purposes of digging for the puck in the corners and driving into the O-zone.
If you (and by you, I mean this thread) wanna compare MaxPac to Perry, then saying he needs to find his inner beast and use his size more is the incorrect way for MaxPac to go. What he needs to do is be able to maintain possession effectively (along the boards, open ice, etc.), shoot more effectively, and definitely crash the net. MaxPac went away from this at times this year (the crashing the net part).

Also if you want MaxPac to have a 50-goal season ever, he'll need to be on our top line playing with a skilled playmaking forward and another forward of similar skill level or much higher physicality (a la Bickell or Clarkson).

Originally Posted by ZARTONK View Post
First time I read that first line I saw: Max Pacioretty could develop be like Carey Price (less hands) for the Habs?

And I was like WTF?....

Come here coffee....
LOL I did too. Then i did a double take. Coffee indeed helped cure that.

Originally Posted by JMMR View Post
Corey Perry is a superstar.
Max is a good player.
Originally Posted by Malakhov View Post
Max is a good player, not in the same league as perry. Hes a big body but doesnt use it as he should, hes a sniper and nothing else and disapears when it gets ugly. Never seen such a strong player shy from tough play like max does...such a shame.
You guys have to realize that Corey Perry didn't elevate his game really until 2010-11, which he was 26 years old by season's end. MaxPac is 24 right now and I could definitely see him playing at that level, ONLY if they get much better skill with him (say Galchenyuk in 2 years time) and maybe some size on that line as well (Clarkson, 2014 UFAs, etc.). Perry was very fortunate to play with a guy like Getzlaf to make space for him and allow him to put up a 98 point, 50 goal season. Who does MaxPac have? David ****ing Desharnais

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