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06-28-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ReverbAndDelay View Post
Allow me to share my two Messier experiences.


At an open practice when they had the facility up in Rye, NY, my family decided to humor my younger brother and I by taking us up there. We arrived quite later than we had thought, and missed the practice session, but thankfully we still well within time to catch he players leaving to get autographs.

I'll never forget Beezer coming out in his Volvo, stopping and telling everyone "Guys, I am SO sorry! I have an engagement I have to get to, and just do not have time today to hang around and sign anything. I truly appreciate your support. I hope you all understand." Needless to say we were all shocked that he would feel the need to even explain himself to us, and a steady stream of "thanks beezer!" "have fun!", etc etc flowed from everyone there. It was so nice to see that he truly appreciated all of us.

Shortly there after, a black bentley, which was being held up by Beezer being so kind, raced passed everyone, missing three kids playing rollerhockey by just feet. It was Messier. He couldn't be bothered with saying a word. I cannot stress to you how close he came to killing or maiming those kids.


I was in NYC walking down by Chelsea Piers when I noticed two familiar faces. It was Brian Leetch and His Royal Doucheness.

I saw a little boy and his father near them. He couldn't have been older than 8-10. He ran up to the both of them so absolutely excited. They were obviously two of his heroes. Leetch stopped to talk to the young boy and sign an autograph while Messier continued to walk away. After a few moments, he turned and shouted "We don't have time for this ****, Brian. Let's go!". You could see the kids eyes tearing up a little. Both Myself and the father of the boy called him out. My exact words were "It's pretty gutless to make a young kid like this feel so bad. You're a joke." Brian, being the decent man he was, thoroughly apologized for Messier's actions and off they went.

I am glad that piece of trash is gone.
This makes me think people need to stop hero worshipping sports figures. The things we choose to worship are so base and vain then we're shocked when "hero's" aren't nice. The world needs a**holes to keep things in perspective I think. Teaches the rest of us how NOT to be and hopefully shows us no matter how good you think someone is YOU can always be better. You can bet I'm going to teach my kids to enjoy sports, marvel at the ATHLETIC accomplishments but understand that many of those people are jerks, many of them are nice and the true judge of a person should be based on how they treat you and others which leaves a lot of gray area. As long as it's not blind worship.

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