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06-28-2013, 11:26 AM
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Back to hockey after post concussion symdromes?

Hey everyone,

I know I should be asking my doctor for medical advice but they've given me a wide range of advice so I decided to ask fellow hockey players

The story goes in December 2012, I had a few Thai boxing sparring sessions at which I suffered from minor headache and disorientation 3-4 times. They were minor concussions that lasted a day or so. In Feb 2013, I had a collision in adult hockey that left me with similar symptoms but I started getting sound sensitivity & light sensitivity type migraines.

Things would get better and then worse again as I went back to vigorous exercise and academic work. At one point, even a hard fall from skating or taking the impact from kickpads would bring on the concussive symptoms.

In May & June, I really started taking it easy physically and mentally and now, as of late June early July, most of my sound sensitivity is gone (not completely though) and I can safely engage in swimming and cycling. Going to go back to running soon. I am also starting acupuncture treatment soon to see if that helps.

I miss hockey like crazy for this whole time. After I watched the Hawks Bruins final, I became kind of depressed for not being able to go back to hockey.

Has anyone else had post concussion experiences like mine who were able to go back to hockey? (Even non-checking hockey where it's a bit safer). How bad were your concussions? How long did you have to stay out?


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