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06-28-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Thanks for the needless history lesson. I did know that, all of it...I know, I know, that only adds to my "know-it-all attitude" Sorry.

Im simply asking you why you feel the need to produce a litany of excuses as to why this organization has struggled over the last several decades.

6 Stanley Cup finals in their first 14 years of existence in a 6 team league. Way to go! 4 Stanley Cup finals since - in 73 years. And when pressed for a reason as to why thats the case, the best answer you can come up with is a few bad bounces. Thats a crock. Next time you address me, be prepared to discuss the litany of managerial mistakes over those decades. Because, at this point, I feel sorry for you and your state of complacency.
First of all, I didn't say a few bad bounces is the reason they have "struggled". What i said is a few bounces one way or another could have changed history. Plain and simple. And it is the truth, or, does a double OT goal in a game 7 not count? Richards doesn't score on a fluky goal with second remaining and the Rangers are likely out in the second round last year. Matteau doesn't score a fluky goal and the Rangers maybe don't get passed the Devils and maybe don't win a Cup in '94.

Second off, I am a Rangers fan. I understand quite well what this franchise's short comings are. I've lived through a lot of it, and have taken it upon myself to read books and have done research in my spare time to learn about the history of the game. I am proud of the positive things the Rangers franchise has been able to accomplish. And feel the pain that only a fan of a team could feel when they are unsuccessful. However, I don't feel the need to carry myself with a defeatist attitude and mope and whine, and cling onto false cliches because they're the easy way out of understanding what really happens in situations.

Change your attitude, figure out a way to respond to posters on these boards without A-first insulting them, B-having a snarky attitude, C-thinking you are above everyone else's opinions. There are a lot of intelligent posters here who know their stuff.

or REFRAIN from responding to my posts. Simple as that.

You want to have an intelligent discussion, go right ahead. I love it. I will not delve deeper into nonsensical chest puffing with you. I'm here to talk about hockey.


The Rangers were contenders in these decades: '20s, '30s, '40s, late '60s, '70s, '90s. With a Cup appearance in 1950. Yes, they've been overall bad, in the last 17 years. With two Conference Finals appearances on the bookends of that span (1997-2012) 2013 was an utter disappointment.

The Stanley Cup, as any championship, in any sport, in any league, at any level, is fetching. There are no guarantees one way or the other, and often the best team does not always win. Rangers have had great teams and have come up short. I can give you an endless list in every sport where that is a normal occurrence. Does that make this franchise awful? No, it does not. They are one of the most successful hockey franchises in the world. 4 Stanley Cups and numerous other appearances in Championship rounds, is a lot more then most sports franchises can speak for.

I believe eventually this franchise will win more Cups. When, who knows.

Chicago Blackhawks have done a complete 180 over the last decade. They were a bottom feeder with awful ownership. Now they have two Cups in four years.

Where are the great Montreal Canadiens the last 20 years? The Vancouver Canucks have exactly ZERO Stanley Cups to their name. Sabres? Blues? Kings just won their first. These are franchises that have been around for many decades.

20 years without a Championship is not a disgrace, when there are 30 teams in a league. 12 different winners in the last 18 years, the 19th year was the New York Rangers.

What are we complaining about, here? They were two wins away from the Finals one year ago. Is there THAT big of a reason to assume they can't get back to that point or further, soon? Oh I know, the Blackhawks, Bruins, Penguins. Again, nothing is guaranteed. Match ups, some luck, some bounces, that's how things happen. RARELY does a team dominate its way from beginning to end. The 2013 Blackhawks are the closest thing to that in decades and at points they scraped by by the skin of their teeth.

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