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06-28-2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
you say this constantly, but i fail to see how this is demonstrated to such agree that you're so adamant about this. I only watch him play against the NYR, and he's only ever crashing the net or scoring on us, or fighting one of our guys... he is what he is.

we need players like this. A healthy Clowe would be fine with me but that's not the case.
I am in a family of Devils fans so I am forced to watch them more often than I would like. Entering the zone on the forecheck he is pretty good at the F1 role of making a beeline for the puck carrier and getting a hit. The issue is when he isn't F1 but thinks he is. He often chases the wrong guy looking for a hit which can lead to easy breakouts against and odd man rushes. Cal Clutterbuck also has this problem but on a bigger scale.

Ryane Clowe, for what he lacks in footspeed, knows how to rea the play when it's coming at him. When he gets the puck at the half boards he can do something besides slapping it back behind the net. He knows how to hit trailers in stride with passes.

I definitely think the Rangers lineup needs more toughness. That can play. I like the edge Clarkson brings. But I think he is gonna be wildly overpaid in the free market based on his stats. Maybe it's luck with te games I've watched or overreaction but I'd like to know how many of his goals were scored from within 2 feet of the net. I know those still count but that is a lot more difficult to sustain when your strength and quickness drops off.

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