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06-28-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by dookers9 View Post
Not sure this is for the "weather thread", but...

It's things like these that keep me from having much respect for Calgary. Elitist and high on themselves. It may be the National Post, but it's clearly written by a Calgarian.

For years I've hated Calgary. Pretty standard given I'm born and raised in Edmonton. But I want to rise above that negativity and give the city its due - it has a hell of a lot going for it, as seen by the miriad of displaced Oilers fans on this board that reside there.

But then this sort of cut comes out. After all the well-wishing and help we've been providing them, they bolster themselves by running us down. Isn't that the norm, though? "WE'RE great since we aren't what Edmonton is".

I think I take issue with the Post for even printing it.

Back to weather: I've been (and still am) in Summerland/Kelowna for the past week. Weather's been awful, much like back home's. But as things rise in Edmonton over the next few days, they're calling for 39 here for Wednesday. Yowza.
Originally Posted by Turrican View Post
Here it is online

Chris Selley is a huge ***.
My bad. Impulsive thumbs.

In reading the editorial more closely, the bit about Edmonton was inferred by Selley, the Post's editorialist. Not fair for me to suggest that position be generalized across to Calgarians.

But I'll still hate the Flames and Stamps, damnit! [shakes fist in air like old man responding to teenager walking on his grass]

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