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06-28-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Sinurgy View Post
I wouldn't go by polls on AZcentral for anything.
And if the majority of Glendale residents were opposed to a deal, how is it that they were unable to acquire the number of signatures to block referendums in the past. They couldn't even get 7,000 signatures in 30 days with a well publicized effort. That is 10% of the number of voters in the previous election (69,558). For a city of 230,000 people, it doesn't make sense that they couldn't acquire 7,000 signatures if indeed the majority of Glendale was opposed to a deal. I think we can safely say the majority were not opposed to a deal. XX can say whatever he wants but actions speak louder than words and the people spoke by not signing it.

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