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06-28-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Persona5 View Post
Horny is a top 6 without question. You can make a strong arguement that wilson is as well. Aside from that I agree with you that the other need to prove it before we can think about calling them top 6.

As for a rebuild I don't see it that way. We have Weber and Rinne on the team and if we were truely rebuilding we would not be paying them to stay. they would be moved asap. think Calgary.

So the Pred are not rebuilding. They are retooling as a full rebuild isn't needed.
The points you make are good, I consider Horni 2nd line since his game is in front of the net getting the garbage goals and hes really good at it. We are really re-building what Calgary has done it just BLOW the team up.

Most call adjusting the team buy a couple players a tweek. #w or 4 players a mini re-build 5 or more questions on player which is really us is a rebuild. And What Calgary has done is well total dumping bare earth carnage.

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