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A short track speed skate is on a 7-9 meter radius with an offset blade to help them turn(they can only turn one way). A long track skate(a different blade altogether) has a radius around 19 to 22 meters. 1 meter = ~ 3 feet(
The reason that a short track speed skater needs more of a rocker is because he has to be able to make a turn around an olympic size hockey rink. He wouldn't be able to make it with a 21 meter rocker. He'd have to slow down before entering the turn or crash.....

"whether you play forward or defense, it really doesn't effect what will better suit you, it's all about what the skater feels best on."
This is absolutely true, it's all about personal preference, but in most cases an attack rocker is not advantageous when skating backwards obviously because your more on your toes.
"For one, most guys over 200lbs use a 5/8th in. cut at most"
47% of nhler's use a 1/2 inch hollow. I wish I had the link to that statistic.
Some guys do like a more shallow hollow. It's a personal thing, but I think in my personal opinion it's better to be able to grab the ice with a deeper hollow. You can't glide as far when a deeper hollow, but once you start to move your legs it works out to be about the same speed, just with more control. Yes a 3/8 would be extremely deep hollow for a 225 pound player, thus I recommend a 1/2 inch on my website. Though some players might like to have a very deep hollow if they have really strong legs. Again your right it's personal preference.

Everyone has a different opinion of the "right" hollow. I just tried to explain the concepts and give some opinions so that people could make their own decision

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