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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
I admit, this is probably an obvious and dumb question, but oh well.

Is it possible to skate on your left foot only and make a left hand turn on your inside edge?

I am really trying to learn to use my outside edges and trust those edges so I have been working on first skating straight lines(not bending toward the inside edge) and now working on making wide outside loops on one foot. I am wondering though, if I am really still on that inside edge somehow or if I am truly on that outside edge when I do these turns.
If you're turning left, using only your left skate, you can pretty much bet you're using your outside edge. You should feet the bite. When in doubt, go with a deeper angle. Eventually, you'll probably feel where you slow down going into the turn vs. being able to maintain your momentum.

If you find your skate slipping, you're probably too shallow and you're more on the flat of the blade. Being on the inside edge, of your inside skate, during a turn would be really, really awkward. It might also mean your ankles are turned out, which is a good way to injure yourself. If you're riding more on the middle to the rear 1/3 of your blade, you should be in good shape. That's where you let the curve of the blade do the work, and carry you into the turn.

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