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06-28-2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Ive watched hockey my entire life.

I play hockey.

Brad Richards looked more or less exactly the same last year as he has in all the years prior.

Did he ever skate like pavel bure?

did he ever have a shot like Al Macinnis?

B.R. always was a cerebral player. He's a damn good player when hes on. he had a horrendous start to the year which probably WAS a result of being out of shape and everything spiraled out of control.

most ppl believe BR will go back to being a 70+ point player. if he does, hes worth every bit of his contract. if he doesnt, then you can buy him out after the season is over. If he is injured, well, thats the gamble you take.

has it ever occured to anyone that they are also using this to try to get Vinny L to come over for a few years on the cheap?
Exactly. I just didn't understand why people thought it was a foregone conclusion he would be gone. There was a chance of course, but it was no certain thing.

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