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06-28-2013, 04:55 PM
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Well, it is definitely a wide slow turn at this point, but at least it sounds like I have to be on the proper edge to execute this. As a big, tall, older guy with stiff knees, trusting that edge is a process, but at least is sounds like I am working in the right direction.

When I try to power turn and get that left skate to do the work(I tend to just let that back foot do all the work on the inside edge -- that is the bad habit I am trying to relearn my way out of), I am getting some chatter on that left skate. Is that because I am too far to the front of the blade or just not leaning into it enough? I admit I do not think about where I put the weight on the blade much. I assume I make it tougher on my self by trying to make that turn without focusing on putting my weight to the back of the skate?

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