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Originally Posted by hatterson View Post
As with all other stats/analysis I like to ask two fundamental questions.

1.) Is it repeatable? ie, if a player ranks highly over one time period, is it likely they'll rank highly in future time periods?

and, if the answer is yes,

2.) Is it correlated (either positively or negatively) with winning on a team level? ie, if I assemble a team of players who are good in this metric will it help, hinder, or be irrelevant to my chances of winning?

I'm not sure about the repeatable nature of this statistic (would be fairly easy to pull past years data and check the correlation between performance from say 07-09 with performance from 10-12 or similar) however I believe that most of Cuneen's work in the other blocking thread has hinted that the answer to the second is that there's virtually no impact on goal differential (which is itself very highly correlated with team quality)

Correction Hatterson, I looked at it's correlation to Shot differentials. But you got the gist of it right, there doesn't seem to be much value in blocking shots

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