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My own take on some of the specific Gagner dislike is that its generalized association with a team that was unsuccessful for a long period of time. Skewed as well by some other vets that simply haven't played very well.

I always think a certain shiny new plaything ethos exists where the new high profile recruits are valued and vets are not and that Gagner gets nailed more for the duration and time period he has spent here than anything else. That people in simplest terms don't want anything to do with players that were here throughout all the suck. Like a bad memory, get rid of all of it.

Just consider for instance the rumor of the NMC. This could either be viewed as a rare positive sign of a player for once communicating wanting to remain here or it can be viewed immediately with suspicion, "whats he up to? who does he think he is? he's going to stick it to us! Its a lemon contract, I can smell it.." The latter comments being more due to gathered impressions from contracts that haven't panned out here . Horcoff has nothing to do with Gagner, he really doesn't, but it does form associative connections in the fanbase. In this way Gagner inherits some of Horcs *guilt* for sheer reason of association.

This is of course not the whole thing but I think its a larger part of perception than people generally recognize.

Gagner would be a popular player immediately almost anywhere else.

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