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Originally Posted by StevenToddIves View Post
I recently published a column on THW discussing the possibility of thr Rangers trading into the first round, along with the possibility of the Hurricanes wanting Marc Staal. I would love to hear what you all think:
I don't have extended time for this, esp. now, but want to quick blurb not only thanks for the article, but answer some curiosity.

Rangers possible 1st round action:
Staal to Canes. (5th overall)
Not likely straight up. But while not a better hockey decision, Staal would be a good biz decision. They are pressing for Staal for Skinner.
So either bring in a team like Montreal that really wants Skinner, take their payment, add, and get the 5th.
expand the deal to do the 5th.
Odds of moving MS to Car are good, but not for this 5th unless there is signif. add.

MDZ to Edm (7th overall)
Howson wants MDZ, but not lookin like we get that straight up, as there are prob other offers competing we must beat.
Odds of moving MDZ to Edm are potentially good, incl as to this 7th overall, but Oilers need something more, which remains to be seen.

Callahan to Buf (8th overall)
This would hurt, but Cally would net a lot more than just 8th overall, and some thought is in order as to how much massive overcompensation would Buf give, and should we take it, while we have the chance?

That is another whole thing time does not permit only a quick blurb here.

But w/tweaking, could see Rangers w/ 5, 7, and 8 overall.

Is that enough for McKinnon + Siemens?

Just sharing a few thoughts...

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