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06-28-2013, 04:48 PM
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**** me. Last year's lineup is about what we're going to have--minus I suspect Clowe and to be honest I'd rather take my chances with Clowe for 4 years at $4 mil (not that I would have advocated that) than with Richards and his cap hit for the next 7. At least Clowe gives the team something it doesn't have.

I can understand Dolan being peeved as another major UFA contract blows up in his face--but hell he's a multi-millionaire many times over (if not a billionaire) so what's it to him?--other than waste paper anyway. He's not going to be able to spend it all anyway. Maybe Sather is the voice for keeping Richards just so he doesn't have to face the music right away. Really it is time for him to go. He shouldn't have lasted through the lockout.

Really though this is ********--it's not a decision made to improve the Rangers chances this coming season--it's to save someone some embarrassment. We're the ones who are going to have to sit and watch (if we so choose) a team more likely to be a mediocrity--a pretender.

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