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01-08-2004, 12:59 AM
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Bellows, Muller, Odelein

Taking us back to the early '90s, I was wondering about these players.

Bellows - didn't have a long stay in Montreal but he had a couple good years here, including the Cup win. Over his career, would you call him a top line talent? Someone who could be on a Cup contending team's top line?

Muller - Personally, I felt he was part of the heart and soul for Montreal, and it was a mistake to move him at all. However, while he did put up some great numbers, he was inconsistent offensively. Would you consider him a top level player? Something more than an impact player--a guy you could mold a franchise around? This is talking about his prime years in Montreal, not the mucker we saw in Dallas by the way.

Odelein - I have to admit, I've always had a soft spot for cornelius. Aside from that one year where he thrived offensively, would you say he was ever a legitimate top four defenseman in Montreal?

Like Muller, I felt Odelein was a part of the heart and soul in Montreal. A player who'd defend teammates, defend the goalie, and basically complement whoever he was playing with quite well. I remember Malakhov played some of his best hockey next to Odelein.

Any opinions on these guys would be much appreciated.

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