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06-28-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Ive watched hockey my entire life.

I play hockey.

Brad Richards looked more or less exactly the same last year as he has in all the years prior.
What !? You can't be for real with this.

Originally Posted by stan the caddy View Post
AV gets the same team as last year. Good luck.
Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Thats the one thing I actually enjoy about this.

Maybe it'll be a wakeup call to the folks who thought the coach was the major hurdle.
You guys are really pushing it now.

I can understand because I was sayng the same things about Renney to Torts, but even I accepted it and rooted for the team to win. I didn't hammer Torts when the team didn't do much under him the remainder of that mid season as a replacement.

I get down and blue on many areas of this organization, it just seems like you really rather prove the point then see the team have any success. I try not to take it that far. Look how much i've improved with the MCI pick !

Originally Posted by Zil View Post
Oh goodie. We get to watch another year of him getting spoonfed premium icetime he doesn't deserve while constantly making costly turnovers and getting beaten to and knocked off pucks. Plus, we have the added bonus that he probably keeps Lindberg from getting a legit shot out of camp this year.
I hope that's not the case but you know they will have him on a longer leash than he deserves.

Originally Posted by nevesis View Post
Brad Richards is on the decline, and his legs were complete mush last season. That, and his mental weakness that caused him to make so many costly, dumb mistakes. I don't understand why more people don't see how bad he really was.
I don't understand it either. I've been saying for months they were gonna give Torts and Richards the benefit of the doubt. Once Torts was tossed I was sure Richards was next. Maybe the difference was the players - they give the player the pass but not the coach. Sounds right.

Originally Posted by -31- View Post

Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I wouldn't care if the entire team walked the next day after we won a Cup.
The ENTIRE team ?

You would care, come on now.

Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Sather not ready to concede that this signing is a mistake, I guess. Or maybe Dolan said enough is enough with the buyouts.

Either way, LOL. I will be rooting for Richards to bounce back and stay healthy. He should be bought out next summer regardless, but if they didn't buy him out now, who knows if they will next summer? This organization never fails to disappoint/surprise.
Good point about Dolan.

Either way, it is a LOL, business as usual at Kramerica Industries.

Originally Posted by Swagelin View Post
I'm happy that he's back for the sole reason that all of you said he had zero chance of coming back.

Constant negativity about every player here
He absolutely deserved the criticism.

Constantly negative? Did you miss EVERY 'player appreciation' thread? Pretty much every player had one, EXCEPT Brad Richards.

Originally Posted by Janerixon View Post
The decision not to buyout Richards reeks of Dolan as it seemed everyone else wanted him gone. To say I'm shocked wouldn't be correct as this franchise has a history of giving out bad contracts to over the hill players. Now 2 things could be happening:

1) Sather could be working on trading Richards, which would not shock me as we know how many teams were interested in acquiring him when he was a free agent

2) AV plans to use him as a winger to mask his deficiencies as I was hoping we would look like this down the center next season Stepan, Brassard, Boyle, Lindberg. With less pressure and responsibilities in the defensive zone he could focus on offense, ie Eric Lindros when he was moved to wing as a Ranger. Now will Richards be successful, who knows, but his days as a top 6 center are over. He was signed to play center with Gaborik, Gabby is gone and Richards should be too.
Please be a trade

Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post

His contract actually expires in 2020.
Ugh, that seems like forever.

Originally Posted by BB v2 0 View Post
What does being young have to do with anything? I'm young, and I think saying that 6 years of playoffs with no cup is better than 1 cup and then no playoffs for six years is asinine.
That would be horrible, no team has ever done that though, so....

BTW, Torts just said on NHL Live that Brad Richards has to 'change his environment'. So basically saying Richards is caught up in the gangsta lifestyle. Shame....

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