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06-28-2013, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by coyotes View Post
And if the majority of Glendale residents were opposed to a deal, how is it that they were unable to acquire the number of signatures to block referendums in the past. They couldn't even get 7,000 signatures in 30 days with a well publicized effort
It's called Election Day 2012, the voters spoke on that day in order to bring in politicans to stop any kind of deal that would keep the team in Glendale. July 2nd will be the day that deterimes if they same people who got voted in will stick to their guns or not. Damn those real facts.

Originally Posted by pacdunes View Post
now you've done it - bring facts to support your point. How can these others keep pace with you?

Rants are not facts.

Originally Posted by Jakey53 View Post
We are talking about the COG. NO BRAINER!
Originally Posted by Jakey53 View Post
They can't.

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