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06-28-2013, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by wb1985 View Post
You guys do realize that Richards played balls to the wall in his last year in Dallas for his retirement contract. He got his retirement contract which will now likely be bought out for 2/3 remaining next summer. He knows this is his chance to get a retirement contract part two.
Heres to hoping he goes all out on a 75+ point season and a CS worthy playoff run (Although if we win a cup, Hank will win the CS almost 100%) then gets bought out for a second chance at a bank padding retirement contract with hopefully a Western Conference team
Wishful thinking a bit. I'd settle for him returning to the form he had in season #1 with us. This will be interesting. No doubt about it. Controversy already and we have not even hit the draft. Gotta love this Org.

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