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06-28-2013, 07:20 PM
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This is just a thought to be kicked around.

Say Dolan is miffed. So instead of letting Richards walk free and clear, he's saying not so fast.
I'll do a Redden with you.
You're demoted, whether you like it or not.
Your on the roster getting paid, but you are told either not to report, or to report in civilian clothes and not suit up in uniform for any games, forcing you to sit through AHL practices from the sides, and sit in on riveting AHL meetings.

Yeah, we'll exercise the buy out with you. Next season before the deadline.

What, you don't wanna lose a year on your career?
What, you don't wanna have to go through all that?
What there is no real upside for either side for BR to stay with NYR, esp. since it could only be under that albatross of a contract, and getting injured under that contract has bad ramifications so I can't be traded?

Wait! What if I, the player, voluntarily agreed to tear up this contract.
It's not par for the course or the rule that evidences the exception, but ...
it would be legal for BR to do that if he really wanted to, and was willing to do so voluntarily, right?

And Rangers have no obligation to him or any club to any player to do anything other than pay them if that player wants to collect on the salary, so...
there's a plan.

But of course, Richards will not walk away from the 100% balance of this contract.
But what about half?

50-50 split.
He says he wants to recover his career, and he **** up himself in NY so bad, he couldn't possibly stay. He'll take a full 50% immediate de facto effective buy out, publicly agreeing to tear up the contract, if we agree to immediately void it as to the Rangers interest to enforce it. Mutual cessation. He'd want a check in hand before, but we put on it that it can't be cashed unless his contracted dated [whatever] is officially null and void prior to cashing. Something like that.

He follows through.
We follow through
End of problem, BR still gets boatload of $$ + freedom, Dolan looks good, saves face, team recovers all cap.

Slats, if ya wanna be generous, shoot me a ltr and we can talk a modest honorarium for this service.

As to the rest of you, my Ranger brothers and sisters, I'm SURE I'll ALWAYS have your undying respect and gratitude.

:biglau gh:

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