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01-08-2004, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1
I completely agree with Kilger... He has not been given the oppurtunity to get his game back on track. I am in belief that he NEEDS to have over 10 minutes a game to be effective, because his game is not a 'Spark Plug' game. He needs to stay energized with what is going around him.

He had an awesome start as a Canadien and I remember that most hab fans thought we won the trade for him / Zholtok when he frst came around. He deserved a role the 2nd year in, as his 25 points in 43 games testified he was of some value to the club. When he plays on Koivu's line, they usually do allright. Problem is, one bad game, and he's back on the fourth line getting 5 minutes a game. I have yet to see him get the oppurtunity to right his game after a 'weak' outing.

IN the beginning of this season for Chad (which was November 4th) they played him consistently, up until the Nov. 15th ottawa game (where he was a +1 and had an assist) for over 11 minutes a game... through 6 games he had his stats up to now (1G, 1A) and was even a + 2. He also was 50% on faceoffs, and had 6 shots and 2 PIM. Then came the long stretch where he played 5-10 minutes a game, His game dropped off a bit, and he was ultimately ineffective.

The games he receives proper playing time, he plays well... And if you look at the previous 3 games he has received the 10-15 minute mark (against NYR Dec 10, Chad played very good that game in a 2-1 win, and the previous 2 games where he has played very good as well) He has been very evident all over the ice, and has deserved the ice time he received. He has constantly been given the short end of the stick here in Montreal (which is something I've always believed).

The short end of the stickk is evident when a guy like Audette who everybody knew had nothing left in his gas tank was given proper ice time to re-prove himself, while Chad was constantly sent down to the low line to wilt and become a Shrinking Violet. THIS guy if traded will be the one we will sorely miss within a year. That is my prediction, as he does have elements to his game that can show that he is a decent NHL'er.

That being said, he reached the crossroads of his career when he was not picked up on waivers. Now he's in the spotlight... I believe he should be given the oppurtunity to play his game. And it's a perfect situation to do so... Juneau is out with injury, and Perrault is not in ANY future plans for this club (in fact he was one of the patch work)... If Kilger is given the chance to play the 15 minutes Juneau got, he'll show all of us that he is a good part of this club, and therefore deserves to stay with this club.

Prove me right bud
It's not about how much he scores or the numbers he puts up, it's about his effort and his willingness to go to the tough areas. He will go to the net in his first shift, throw a couple of good hits, then float around the rest of the game. He doesn't have the skill or agility to float around like that, he has to play crash bang and get in front of the net or he will be inneffective imvho.

He can't carry the puck up the ice, has no creativity, is an average passer, has an average shot/release, and plays with an average edge. In essense, he's been very average and we have too many forwards to keep a guy like that on a scoring line.

Ward has shown similar bad habits. I don't get it!

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