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06-28-2013, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
Time to sticky a 'NYR stats" thread so that we can keep track of our players 'real' point totals based on use to the team?

Serious suggestion, this seems to come up about a different player every season, time to put a stop to it by tracking real points
No, that's silly.

It's called open your eyes and evaluate, the SAME EXACT way people come to HF and debate all areas of a players game. We watched him every game, it was all there to see. 'Goal scorers goal', 'Garbage goal' we hockey fans hear these alot, what do you think that means?

Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Funny that on the main board, most think this a good move.
They have no idea compared to a fan that watched all season, a shortened season no less ?

Mostly Canadiens fans I bet.

Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
Most people there didn't watch Richards slogg through the whole season. He looked like a little lost puppy out there, even when he was "hot" at the end of the regular season.

I wonder how much of this decision is due to the fact that the Garden is a publically traded company. Having to pay out so much dead money can't look good on a balance sheet. Although, Sather is so stubborn and thinks so much of his hockey ability that it could be mainly that too.

Ah, the joys of being a 3rd generation Ranger fan.
Good point about the Garden, bet they were not too hot with back to back buyouts.

Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
you want him to sweat of those kilos huh?

I don't think Richards will be more than a 60-70pt player ever again (especially not on the Rangers), but I'm confident in thinking that his play in the lockout effected season is the exception, not the rule
Just answer me one question - historically, how does this usually 'work out' for this organization ?

I said it when he was signed, it's really risky. Most people told me we'd get two or three good years minimum before his decline. They didn't even get that right.

But let's watch him a full season, he earned the benefit of the doubt. Somehow.

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