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06-28-2013, 07:24 PM
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Okay so here is my view on the whole Gagner situation. He was built up by fans myself included to be a 80 point guy after his first season heroics. This didn't happen at all unfortunately. We put him on a pedestal so high by the time we all realized he wasn't our number 1 C alot of people were pissed.

He is a very good 2a/1b center on a line with a good body presence. He needs a big strong LW. Plenty of players take longer to develop and the guys not even 25 yet. Anyone look at Thorton before he was 25 or The Sedins? He wants an NTC because he knows this team will soon be a powerhouse and he WANTS TO WIN A CUP! IN Edmonton. He likes the city he likes the fans his girlfriend is homegrown. He wants to make sure he is an Edmonton Oiler for the coming Turnaround . It's not about the money it's about the return IMO. He's seen so much losing since he came into the league. Everyone says he didn't turn a corner this year? He was a main fixture on our top 10 PK. For someone who apparently can't play defense that's pretty damn impressive. Again he's 23 years old I say Give him the equivellent of the Hemsky deal now 6 years 4.65 per with a limmited NTC for the first 2 years. The kid has bled for this team on many occasions he's always willing to take responsibility after bad games. Never seen Sam duck out after a blowout. He's a good character guy who has earned it.

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