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01-08-2004, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by raketheleaves
It's not about how much he scores or the numbers he puts up, it's about his effort and his willingness to go to the tough areas. He will go to the net in his first shift, throw a couple of good hits, then float around the rest of the game. He doesn't have the skill or agility to float around like that, he has to play crash bang and get in front of the net or he will be inneffective imvho.

He can't carry the puck up the ice, has no creativity, is an average passer, has an average shot/release, and plays with an average edge. In essense, he's been very average and we have too many forwards to keep a guy like that on a scoring line.

Ward has shown similar bad habits. I don't get it!
Ahh but it's the coaches job to keep these players on their toes.. A good example is Pat Quinn in Toronto, the way he plays Tie Domi is awesome coaching in effect. for as much as Kilger has been average... Domi has been even less than. The guy is an enforcer, but constantly he plays the game with great passion and Quinn gives him rewards (i.e. more playing time, or time on a higher line when another IS struggling) It gives a guy like Domi incentive to put his best foot forward. Sather said in the 'Ultimate Gretzky' video that in order to get Gretzky on his game, he'd double shift him right at the beginning of the game before anything... until his cheeks got rosy and he then knew he was going to get a Gretzkian performance more often than not... It's interesting brain work being a coach nowadays because 4 lines are very important for the clubs well-being... The pieces have to fit the right way or the whole thing crumbles... IMHO we are playing so well now because the GM finally saw the Audette thing through, and I believe it's the players seeing that this way is correct. Audi stealing time from the other RW'ers was rediculous considering how bad he has played for 1 1/2 years (that and he was also an arrogant prat as well). All of a sudden, players saw they were going to get their deserved time (at least the RW'ers) and who stepped it up? Guys like Sundstrom, Ryder, even Ward did...

Players are supposed to play no matter the circumstances, but they do have regular every day problems as well. A few years back, when Bulis was the whipping boy... There were some big hints that he needed to get some stability in his career... Chad has those same symptoms IMHO.
There are repercussions for putting players on long stretches where they should not be. Another example of this is Yanic Perrault... since he has been regulated to spare duties, his game has dropped down a level or two. Not to say in all honesty it is the right call (because a performing Perrault does not match the top 4 centers on the team right now, and the only one on this team that he can match is Ribeiro... BUT Ribs has the playmaking ability that gets the snipers scoring on his sides, therefore he is a better fit... )

Either way, Kilger is an interesting topic in Montreal that will be solved shortly... He's spent 1 1/2 years without being solved, and now he's obviously ultimate priority... Personally speaking though... I really hope Julien/Gainey can have him solved correctly, as a performing Kilger I believe will only make us that much more stronger. Those 3 games I speak of (NYR, Wsh & BUF) to me, tells of a Chad that can be a threat offensively (He almost potted goals in 2, and shouyld of had a beauty of an assist against Buffalo...) This Chad also flies from the seat of his pants (like he did when he first arrived) and hits everything in sight. He's got fire on his brow... I fully expect us to go on a winning streak (more than the past 2) because Chad will prove his CH blood... He'll become a big piece of this club in the second half... Of course I could be wrong... But I am guessing that these cards will play out very shortly.

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