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06-28-2013, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
REALLY ? IMO you're giving Dean WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much credit for how things worked out.

He WANTED Hossa, wanted Chara, remember also Dean WANTED Luongo and was going to trade Frolov to get him if a contract extension for Luo was in place, do you think we win the Cup with Luongo in place of Quick ? Dean was tempted to want Kovalchuk, he wanted Brad Richards and rolled out the biggest dog and pony show to try and sway him to sign with us ... we got lucky it meant more to Brad to play with former coach Trot's again.
Dean's smart no doubt, but come on man, he's not some super human brilliant GM that plays chess while every other GM plays checkers ... don't forget a BIG CHUNK of people around here wanted and/or thought your Mr. Chess was going to get canned in 2012 until he fired Andy Murray, and got lucky that Daryl Sutter said yes to coming back to coaching and we went on that incredible hot streak to Win our First CUP. Don't forget your Mr. Chess was the same guy who hired Marc Crawford as his first Coach, and signed Dan Cloutier to a two-year contract extension before he even played 1 game as an LA King. This is the same Lombardi that wasted first round draft picks on Thomas Hickey, Colten Teubert ... seems Dean wasn't even playing checkers then, he was playing GO FISH.

Yeah overall Dean has done his job and helped bring a CUP and the Stability of a perennial playoff team to us ... but he's far from being the BEST GM in the NHL.
Really think you are capable of better posts than this Puck U.

A) Name a GM who wouldn't want Chara, Hossa, Luongo, etc. when they were available. All 30 GM's would have wanted him.

B) At least our GM was willing to try for them, unlike some other GM's. There's no harm, and little cost, in trying.

C) We didn't get them because they cost to much. Just because a guy got a bad contract, like Kovalchuk, doesn't mean DL is a bad GM because he was also interested in him. That makes no sense.

D) Frolov for Luongo would have been a very wise deal. To assume that DL would have given Luongo the same contract extension as Vancouver did isn't well thought out. DL has handed out some very wise contracts. Our worst contract is likely Stoll's, which says something. DL doesn't hand out bad contract extensions very often.

E) Would we have won the cup with Luongo? Who knows. The guy came one win away from winning a cup of his own in 2011, so it's hard to say he'd have no hope at all of winning one with us in 2012.

F) Got lucky Sutter wanted to come back to coach? Sutter was hired days after TM was fired and the two have a very lengthy history as a GM/coach duo. It's as lucky as any other coach signing with any other team. It's not like DL lured cotty Bowman out of retirement.

G) Name any GM who hasn't had a list of mistakes. Name who you think is the number one GM in the elague and let's see if we can pick out several mistakes for him as well.

H) Btw, name any other GM in the 46 year history of the LA Kings that has lead the team to back-to-back conference championship series'. This year showed last year was anything but some lucky run. We faced a lot more adversity this year and still made it back to the western conference finals.

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