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06-28-2013, 11:34 PM
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I'm on team Richards now. I want him to come out flying and have an amazing season. I don't think that the team is that far off as it is. Think about it, if Richards was playing at the top of his game in the playoffs who knows what would of happened. Sure, I'm being overly optimistic, but I'm not one of those people to say "well I don't like the move so I hope he sucks just so Sather looks dumb." He's here for at least one more year, so I hope he has a career season. Hopefully he learned his lesson, works out hard and comes back not only in good shape, but in the best shape of his career. Look at Alfie. He's prolonged his career by adjusting his routine and staying in great shape. Hopefully Richards learned his lesson and realizes that he has to get into even better shape to play at a high level. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic on this one.

Also, how's this for some more crazy talk: if he plays amazing next year, keep him! I know everyone talks about how crippling his cap hit will be in the future, but that's all of us going off the assumption that the cap will be around where it is right now. People in the media think that just next year the cap will be back at 70 million. So by the time Richards retires the cap could possibly be close to 80 million. And the recapture penalty for him retiring early won't be a 15m cap hit like some here believe, I don't know where that rumor started. I'm just saying that if he rejuvenates his career and we can get 3 years after next year of him playing like a 1c/2c then it might be worth it to keep him and deal with the caphit later. Those are Henrik's prime years anyway.

However, all of this is moot if he stinks the place up next season

Look, my thoughts on Richards since we signed him were that he was never a player who relied on physical gifts. He has always relied on amazing vision and instincts. The fact that his game wasn't relied heavily on his physical attributes (a la Bure or Lindros) I always believed he could remain a successful player for almost if not all of his contract. Hopefully he realized, however, that although his game doesn't rely on physical gifts, that he still has to be in great shape in order to keep up with the game. I look at his last season like this: he got lazy during the lockout and his conditioning slipped because he thought there wouldn't be a season, having the short camp didn't give him time to get back in shape, then because he was in bad shape he got off to a bad start, because of his bad start he lost his confidence, when playing with no confidence his decision making suffered and he second guessed himself every time he had the puck all while still being a step behind. I basically look at his season as snowballing out of control all because he was lazy and let his conditioning slipped. Everything that followed was a chain reaction. He dug himself into a hole and wasn't able to dig himself out of it. I think if he comes to camp in shape, with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove and is motivated to perform at the best of his abilities that he will have a good season. And ultimately I think if Richards has a good season, the Rangers will have a good season.

A few thoughts, those of you saying his goals were luck, sure they were. However, if Richards scored 40 goals next season and 50 assists, and all of the goals looked like his Hat Trick goals vs Buffalo and all of his assists came on fanned shots/broken stick shots where the puck hit a skate and went right to someone else (all luck) and then went on to the playoffs and scored 15 goals and 20 assists all of the same ilk as the regular season, I would not give a ****. I don't care how they look, as long as they come. Who cares how they go in? Him putting up those numbers means that we are scoring more, I don't care how they happen.

And the guy who said being competitive for 6 years but never winning the Cup >> Winning a Cup and sucking ass for 6 years....You were right when you said "maybe I'm alone in this" I'm in the same boat as you, I was a mere 4 yrs old when they won the cup in 94 so I don't remember it. I became a die-hard fan watching every game and obsessing over the Rangers basically starting around the same time as you, when they sucked. It sucked with them sucking. But you know what's worse than sucking for 6 years? Not winning a cup. How would Rangers Nation feel if we didn't win in 94, but were competitive and in the playoffs every single season from 94 to now? We'd be going on a 74 year long cup drought. You think being competitive and losing in the finals every year of that drought would be better than a cup? Come on man.

Just to conclude my massive post, here's a line up for next season:


Staal-Del Zotto


Some of you might not like that team, I think if Brad Richards bounces back and has a good season, that this team has the potential to win a cup. Plus at the very least it's better than any of the mindless roster turnover that some of you (Bern) want. This is our window. If Nash is a 40g scorer, Stepan and Richards are 70 point guys, PP improves under AV, D remains solid and Hank is Hank then this team can win a cup.

Flame away!

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