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06-28-2013, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Not cropping anything. Total minutes is the rawest stat available.
I'm not claiming Gagner is a world beater on the PK. But I watched the games and he was decent. Why do we have to denigrate every accomplishment of this player. Its always a fluke or an outlier or something with the naysayers. Just admit it. Gagner was one of the main PKers last season. He did OK. Is that so hard to say?
Try using PK min/game, or his actual place in the depth chart for PKers. He is not one of the main PKers. He did okay, but don't pretend like he's all of a sudden shutting down the opponent's PP1, because he's not. And I'm not denigrating anything. He is what he is, and his accomplishments are moderate, aside from the 8 point game. He's not a $5M/year guy, at all. Not even close.

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