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06-28-2013, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by PhysicalGraffiti View Post
What are your plans regarding fanship and attending games? This is a tough choice for me. I ****ing love the Bolts. The best sports game of my life was game 7 of the Stanley Cup. I can't imagine a season not going, but this move is really making me question whether I want to give these guys any of my money or even root for the team. I suppose I could still be a fan of the players, but that's tough. I love when some guy on here said only real fans spend money and ran his mouth, then shut up when I explained I have been a 16 year season ticket member. If that stops after 17 years I guess it means I'm not allowed to be a fan anymore anyways.

I don't have the luxury of being able to afford season tickets, and I'm usually busy every night with school. I usually attend 5-10 games per year, but it will probably ease down a little bit this year because I don't see us putting a competitive team on the ice. I understand the move is very emotional for a lot of us, but I will always support my team (some years more than others, financially).

I wouldn't blame anyone for canceling their ST's just for the sake of us PROBABLY being terrible next year.

Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
I understand, but I ask you this - do you want Vinny, or do you want long lasting health for this franchise? Like it or not, that was the choice. If we kept him, the cap recapture penalties would have broken this team and forced the exit of others like Stamkos, Connolly, and whomever we draft this year. I love the guy, but this had to be done.

Its going to be so weird seeing him in a different jersey.
Very logical and makes perfect sense, but I would have waited until next year.

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