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06-29-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Why do that? Harpoon is right to use the total mins spent on pk in the year. One of the things Gagner offers is seldom being out of the lineup (even if injured) and providing the club with the optimal amount of GP he does.

If you use per game you specifically take that GP benefit out of the occasion. But for what reason?

PK benefit served to team is pk benefit served to team. Thats total minutes on that unit.

Anyway, people wanted a breakdown of Gagner shorthanded this season.

76mins on ice for 3GFON 4GAON, had 2 shorthanded pts, leading the team, and was practically even at PK for his duration of minutes. The best numbers of anybody on the club shorthanded and its not even close. He was -.078/60mins for 4 on 5 hockey. Shawn Horcoff was -4.72 Belanger was -6.91. ps in the exact same amount of pk time as Gagner Horc was scored against 6 times and with zero GFON in his pk minutes. Belanger of course had no GFON in his appreciable pk minutes and was scored against 9 times.

Doesn't matter, people won't like those numbers anyway, even though they are the numbers.
So we're talking about a different Sam Gagner than the one who missed an average of 12 games each of the last three seasons before last season? Should we dig up his total PK minutes then as well?

And you really think he was playing the toughs on the PK? And that his PK assists weren't an outlier?

Any port in a storm, Gagner fans. Hey look, this stat looks good! Proof! Proof!

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