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Originally Posted by CodeE View Post
Islanders and Sabres fans are trying to discuss what it would take to bring Miller to the Islanders.
Personally, I don't think it will take that much this year (maybe as little as a second rounder and a B level prospect). It pains me to type that. The market seems awful right now (or at least my perception of it). Darcy may be able to get blood from stones again though - did not expect the returns he worked for Goose and Pominville.

If the market is as bad as it looks, Buffalo would be best served to extend Miller. If that is not possible, they should move him for whatever return they can get. I think he would fit in well on the Islanders but understand the hesitation WRT his current contract expiring after this year and the ability to resign.

I imagine that the Islanders are also closely watching the Luongo potential buyout situation before getting down to brass tacks on other goalie options. I would stack a free Luongo ahead of a Miller you need to trade something for every day of the week but if Luongo doesn't happen/goes elsewhere, Miller is the next best option out there this year and hopefully the teams could make a deal.

WRT Miller needing to be on the West Coast, I think that is overblown. Sure Kings, Ducks, or Sharks would be great for him from a personal life and playoff competitiveness standpoint but those teams are not looking for goalies. Phoenix has a time/distance flight advantage but not an ideal situation from a competitiveness or ownership standpoint. One big thing NY has is direct flights to LAX (and a media market if his wife decided to relocate as someone else mentioned earlier). If you combine that with the chance to play with an exciting team with a lot of young talent already playing well in the NHL and making the playoffs with probable improvement on their performances coming down the pipe, I think NYI should be an easy sell (if and it's a big IF they are willing to pay market value for a contract extension). If not willing to pay market value, then really the NYI should be looking for a low salary reclamation project/high risk high reward younger RFA/other options.

At some point though, the NYI need to take the next steps forward so FA's will start seeing the team as a destination. And speaking of FA's, there seem to be less and less really big ones lately (disappointed to see Malkin, Perry, etc. locked up early). Miller could be the first step in that movement for the NYI. I think the NYI are ready for that progression now but you may be able to delay it a year or two. Really depends on the owner and his tolerance for risk/loss.

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