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06-29-2013, 01:31 AM
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A lot of you guys are overreacting. Not just a little, a lot.
You guys are listening to Avs fans, which you shouldn't. You guys are just looking at stat sheets, which you also shouldn't. You guys are making assumptions, which you absolutely shouldn't.

Do any of you guys know for certain that SOB's a cancer in the locker room? By all reports, people in Denver were all too pleased with Shane's personality, charisma and locker room leadership. In fact, most reports have the same mentality as most of you 'When we got him, I thought he was a cancer in the locker room... and then...'

As for David Jones. He had a tough year; so what? One year doesn't constitute an entire career. He's always had a great shooting percentage, he's a big guy and he still has a long ways to go in his prime.

Almost every person who covers the Flames truly liked or even loved this move on the Flames part; and yet forum people are angry; because what? We overvalued an aging finesse player, who some thought would return a fortune?
Just to say; Alex Tanguay is not a bad guy, he's not a cancer or a *****. He just didn't want to be here. At 33 (34 within the first month of next season), he didn't want to be part of a rebuild, did he handle it well? Maybe not the best; sulking... and playing 'I don't give a ****' on the ice like that.

So we move two guys who don't want to be here, for two that will have a lot to prove (especially Jones). I can't see a loss in this trade, outside of taking on 500k... but at the end of the day; what's 500k when you have almost 25 million worth of cap to spare?

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