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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
Try using PK min/game, or his actual place in the depth chart for PKers.
I think Replacement has already done a good job of explaining why I didn't use PK min/gm and as for his place in the depth chart, that varied throughout the season. One thing the Oilers have never been shy about is shuffling Gagner up and down the depth chart and playing him with anybody. Must say something about his versatility ....
He is not one of the main PKers.
For parts of the season he was. The numbers say that Horcoff, Belanger and Gagner played roughly the same number of PK minutes. Whatever excuses you may want to make about who was injured and who would have had what ... the bottom line is he put in the minutes.
He did okay, but don't pretend like he's all of a sudden shutting down the opponent's PP1, because he's not.
I specifically said that he wasn't a world beater. Where was I pretending that he was an elite shutdown PK guy? Is this really you or has someone hacked your handle again?
And I'm not denigrating anything. He is what he is, and his accomplishments are moderate, aside from the 8 point game.
Ah yes, the eight point game. Thanks for reminding everyone. As for "moderate" accomplishments .... on a dead last team that hasn't accomplished a damn thing in five years, moderate accomplishments are nothing to sneeze at.
He's not a $5M/year guy.
I agree and I've never said otherwise. But is Hemsky a $5 million dollar guy? Was Horcoff ever? Precedents have been set and he's gonna get paid. I could do without the NMC and seeing as he's like 23 with no wife or children, I don't see why we should have to give him one.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Anyway, people wanted a breakdown of Gagner shorthanded this season.

76mins on ice for 3GFON 4GAON, had 2 shorthanded pts, leading the team, and was practically even at PK for his duration of minutes. The best numbers of anybody on the club shorthanded and its not even close. He was -.078/60mins for 4 on 5 hockey. Shawn Horcoff was -4.72 Belanger was -6.91. ps in the exact same amount of pk time as Gagner Horc was scored against 6 times and with zero GFON in his pk minutes. Belanger of course had no GFON in his appreciable pk minutes and was scored against 9 times.

Doesn't matter, people won't like those numbers anyway, even though they are the numbers.
Thanks for that. Those are indeed some impressive numbers. Must have been a fluke.

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