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06-29-2013, 02:50 AM
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Yes! 2 concussions. battled PCS both of them. First one was pretty major. got hit on Nov 2004, didn't skate again until Oct 2005. I couldn't even tell you what day/month/year it was. I couldn't even drive. bad vision, bad headaches, bad memory. 2nd one was 3 years ago and it only took me 5 months to get back on the ice. though it was quicker, I felt the symptoms were much more worse. headaches were more intense, anxiety was set off, and even the smell of being near the ice made me sick to my stomach. again, I couldn't even drive for those 5 months. had a possible 3rd one back in Feb '13 but only played for another month. wasn't too big of an issue, but it did set off my headaches again.

my doc said I shouldn't have played right after the first concussion, but being that concussions weren't really looked at back in 2004 as much as they are, he didn't see a problem with me staying with the sport. the 2nd time, I was told to rest and to take it easy. also if a 3rd one happened, he recommended I should quit

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