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Originally Posted by Parker McDonald View Post
To those of you who are worried if he gets hurt next year: we can put him on the LTIR. Yes, he wouldn't able to be amnestied, but we could a regular buyout at a later date.

There's no need to worry about Richards retiring until after the 2016-17 season. If we buy him out the year before that, his cap hit would be $833,333 until 2024. Big whoop. The cap will go up every year, so that will feel less and less of an already small deal it is.
Everything you've written here is 100% wrong.

First, LTIR is for long term injuries during the season. If he has a career ending injury, yeah, we can place him on LTIR every year for the last 6 years of his contract (which still isn't ideal). But he doesn't need a career ending injury. All he needs to do is be injured during the small buyout window in 2014. If he gets hurt next year and needs surgery in the summer, we won't be able to buy him out.

Second, if we give him a regular buyout in 2016, his cap hits for 2017, 2018 and 2019 would be 6.5

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