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06-29-2013, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It sounds like Holmgren has been reading the Flyers' boards lately...

-We said Bryzgalov was a mistake.
----He fixed it.
-We said we desperately needed PMDs.
----He got the best on the market cost effectively.
-We said we needed to be patient with our forwards.
----He's pretty much kept them untouchable so far. Hopefully that sticks.
-We said we needed defense in the draft but trust the Flyers to draft a forward.
----He certainly seems to be looking at the blueline first but has forwards as a fallback.
-We said we needed cheap goaltending on short-term contracts.
----He's not going after another Bryzgalov-esque contract; only younger, cheap guys or short-term vets.
-We said there was a risk that Read would price himself out of Philly.
----We seem to be cautiously shopping Read.

The rest of my checklist:
-Don't trade Coburn. See how this defense is when healthy before panicking.
-Don't squander Couturier's offense. Get him something at least slightly better than what he's had.
-Talbot is not a 3rd liner, nor a center.
Great post Chris. I concur.

Bill Meltzer is the Best Flyers writer and deserves at least his own appreciation thread! I approve this thread!!

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