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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Define "anytime soon." You listed Brodeur, Roy, and Hasek. 3 of the greatest of all-time. Part of the reason they are considered the greatest is their longevity. Other than these 3 guys the NHL is littered with goaltender whose performances took a nosedive around the age of 35. Maybe Lundqvist will avoid that, maybe he wont.

I find it difficult to have a conversation with you because you latch onto something and produce meandering and confusing arguments. This all started because you said that the Rangers are not at a critical time when it comes to winning now. I guess you think Lundqvist will be playing at the SAME level in 5-7 years? Thats a suckers bet coming from a real sucker. Those 3 greats above didnt even do that. And when Lundqvist begins to decline, which is inevitable, the position players will need to pick up the slack.
Yup. I said "not now". Amazing how you can't differentiate between "now" and "in 5-7years". And even in 5-7 years, there's no way you can prove an elite, HOF-caliber goalie like Lundqvist will struggle to the point where the franchise is devastated by it simply because of his age.

And I'm glad you admit to having difficulty understanding. Every time you respond to one of my posts, you contradict yourself, get called out on it, then you disappear.

Is Henrik not an elite goalie? Is he not on a Hall of fame path like Brodeur, Roy and Hasek? Belfour? Glenn Hall won two Vezinas and a Conn Smythe between 35-37. Plante led the league in GAA twice and won a Vezina after the age of 40. Sawchuk won a Vezina at 35. Tim Thomas won two Vezinas and Conn Smythe after the age of 34.

Lundqvist is comparable to all of them. He's the best goalie of his generation and is regarded as such by most everyone.

The group of downward-spiraling goalies you are trying to lump him with -- the Kiprusoffs, the McLeans, the Barassos of the world -- don't even come close to touching his resume, at least in the regular season.

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