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01-08-2004, 04:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Plekanec
Ryder is playing on the first line with Koivu... This help to produce too!

But Ryder deserve to be in the top 5 no doubt about that!
Bergeron is playing with Thornton. Lombardi has played a lot with Iginla. Your point doesn't stand.

The fact is Ryder has had more impact on this team than all those players combined. Geez, he's second on are team in scoring. Taking that into account, Ryder should be way higher.

Besides, that poll is just an opinion. It doesn't count for much. It shoudl taken with a grain of salt.

Ryder leads all rookies in points, assists, shots on goal. I think he deserves a little more respect from the so called experts at hockeysfuture. That being said, Hunter and Pitkanen prolly have the edge at this point. But, still you've got to wonder about some of the other players ahead of him.

In my humble opinion, lombardi should be down the list. He was good for a stretch of games ( I think he got most of his points then) and mostly invisible for the rest. I don't understand how anyone could place him higher than Ryder. ( prolly a biased flames fan) As for Bergeron, he started the year on fire and has been less effective since then.

By the way, hockeysfuture, Ryder started off the year playing with guys like Perreault and Audette and still managed to put up points. The kid has been one of are best players and all around performers all year. With a little more luck (he has hit the post atleast 5 times this year) he'd have 30+ points on the year. Damn, what does it take for a habs player to get respect. The kid should be in the top 5 at the very least. I could understand those standings earlier in the year. But, the fact is some of the prospects rated higher than Ryder have dropped off quite a bit since the early part of the year. It's the case of Bergeron( He had 9 points in his first 10 games I believe) and Lombardi... A prospect's value should be determined by his overall impact on his team. Where would the habs be without Ryder?

I don't know why a wasted my time writing this post. That rating won't be changed. It's just another biased article towards habs fans. It's a conspiracy I tell you. (LOL, of course i'm joking. Still, one can wonder how anyone can rate the leading rookie scorer so low on that list.)

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