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06-29-2013, 10:58 AM
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Certainly a horrible decision from a short term financial point of view as our options for this year have been narrowed considerably. The long term consequences are perhaps not as dire as, if most prognosticators are correct, within a few years that cap may be pushing 80 million.

Certainly a horrible decision from a hockey point of view: BR is a player with diminishing skills, a trend that is likely to continue. His performance was so bad that he was hurting the team and he was benched during the playoffs.

But, if at heart, hockey is our entertainment and our distraction from daily life, an escape for a few hours into a world outside our own, then here we have a fascinating story to watch unfold.

Can a formerly near elite player with diminishing skills somehow transform his game in a way so as to be a productive performer?

Can a formerly near elite player be so motivated by this last years horrific performance, so embarrassed by the trashing of a formerly impeccable reputation to the point that his team was thinking about discarding him into the trash heap, that he can somehow regain a modicum of his past status and skill?

Stay tuned......only the coming season will tell and it will be simply fascinating to watch and certainly give us fodder for argument and discussion.

I wanted BR gone and am disappointed we are keeping him. But now that the decision has been made, I am certainly hoping that he somehow succeeds. I have major doubts that he can remake himself through better training, diet, etc. I don't think this can end anyway but poorly.

But BR's tale will be of the major talking points for the 13-14 season and it will be fascinating to watch.

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