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Originally Posted by Red Deer Rebel View Post
The problem lies in your diagnosis as to why "it wasn't working".

You placed the blame on Ray, but Ray has proven to be an effective player - in fact an all-star - after he moved to a new team.

The Eskimos have continued to suck, which proves the problem was never with Ray, yet it is Ray that you wanted to run out of town.

Let's not engage in revisionist history. No quarterback is going to be effective playing behind a line that gives him no time, and being stuck with a backfield that can't make plays.

Maybe the reason Ray checked out is that he was sick of getting pounded into the turf on a terribly constructed team.
Miss attribution. I agree, you are correct in posterity.

I was wrong. Clearly. Fortunately I'm not Tillman and had no hands in the departure of Ricky Ray. I'm some stumblebum hack typing away. Nothing more. Not sure why my opinion would be so significant.

I hereby eat humble crow pie. Again.

On the other hand, and just a personal preference, I would just as soon be watching guys like Reilly and Crompton that show an eagerness and fire here to Ray, who stopped showing that here several years ago.

Again Ricky died for me the day I had to sit through a 36-1 shellacking at Commonwealth. The single worst home game in Eskimos history with the fans booing Ray off the field after each two and out series. It was the Patrick Roy 9-1 loss at the forum moment to anyone that watched it.
Clearly both are good players, legends I guess, but sometimes the fanbase wants something else. In this case at the time I think a lot of people wanted and welcomed change. May not be logical, it isn't, but fandom is a largely emotional connection.

hope this sits well with the critics

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