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06-29-2013, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
I can't believe how hysterically people got over this.

The odds of Brad getting injured are slim. The odds that any replacement of his (Lecavalier, Weiss, etc) would get a long-term and extremely overpaid contract are a certainty because that's what all decent UFAs get.

We are better off risking Beaver injury, a small risk, than giving a 6-year, $40 million contract to Lecavalier. People keep ignoring all evidence that UFAs get paid more than RFAs, always expecting to sign someone to an RFA contact, and always bring surprised when an overpriced UFA contract is given out.

Consider this a signing of a second liner center to an overpriced, but usual UFA contract, except it is for only one year instead of 5-7. No brainer really.
If the only positive in this is that it prevents us from making an even dumber move, that is a really sad statement about our front office.

From a pure running a functional business perspective this move is bordering on insane. The amount of risk involved compared to the reward isn't even close. The odds that Brad Richards regains his form and leads us to a Stanley Cup considering what he looked like last year isn't worth this risk. If he gets injured and can't be bought out now it will not only effect our long term cap situation with the cap recapture looming but it will create a short term issue with our franchise player and other key members due for a contract next season. Any way you look at this it doesn't make sense.

I can't believe how short sighted this move is. You simply do not absorb this level of risk for a shot at the cup for one year. It isn't the right way to run an organization. If it were then why not just purge all of our non NHL ready players for guys who can help us win now? How can anyone be in favor of this?

The NHL is basically giving us a get out of jail free card with Redden and Richards, two of the worst UFA contracts given out. Instead of saying thank you and moving forward we are playing an unnecessary game of Russian roulette for no apparent reason.

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