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Everyone is going to give you advice so I am not reading other posts but here's mine:

I went from slowest skater to fastest by doing leg workouts. Barbell squats is the best exercise in the gym but I unfortunately was not doing that exercise growing up. I only did what I was good at so I didn't look like a loser in the gym. Lifting heavy weights because you look like the man is cool but wrong in the big picture. You need to hit all your muscle groups, not just what you're good at. Include these 4: squats, bench press, overhead press, deadlifts. Form is youtube videos to avoid injury.

Things to motivate you:'s like COD XP points and you level up based on your workout tracking. It's fun. Measuring your progress/body has a cool tracker. Will power! Know that the players who will get noticed by scouts are at the gym or on the ice. You have to want it bad enough. If you can't make yourself finish a workout that's a sign of how bad you want to work for it.

Diet: you should not be dieting while your body is still growing. Watch the junk food and keep working out.

Cardio: very important especially if you say you're already out of shape. how are you planning on getting to the next level? if running is boring, find a substitute...swimming, elliptical, stationary biking...all better than running as they avoid the hard impact on joints. get a gym membership if you don't have one.

motivation comes from within..hard work pays off.

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