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06-29-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by TomLaidlaw View Post
I think your missing the point. We don't have to make a trade. If something falls in our lap we would have the cap flexibility to pounce. This is going to be a unique off season with the buyouts and teams being forced into decisions with the cap dropping.

The people who are arguing for the buyout are actually looking out for the long term health of the team. Keeping Richards is short sighted.

Instead of rolling the dice on Richards regaining his form and not getting injured. Why don't we roll the dice on our youth. See if Stepan and Brassard can handle the #1 and #2 Center spots. Let Miller/Lindberg/Boyle round out the #3/#4 center roles. That is something I could get behind.
Look, I wanted Richards to be bought out but I think people are getting too personally offended by him not being bought out. I see your points on it but I understand why he isn't being bought out. Maybe in the end it'll be a really dumb move but I can also see why they want to keep him. After this season the cap goes up and if he gets to 60+ points the deal isn't so bad. I honestly don't feel like it handicaps the Rangers as much as people feel it is.

Speculating but maybe the Rangers already have a good idea of what their RFA's are at, maybe they have a trade in place involving Richards. This is the Rangers we're talking about, there are always things going on behind the scenes. I'd rather ride it out and see how it goes instead of jumping off the hill and feeling like the Rangers just killed themselves.

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