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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post

Until 2020.

Declining player.

3rd highest player on our team.

Cannot be traded due to cap recapture penalty.

Is a lock to retire before his contract is up.

Scratched in favor of Newbury, during the 2 most important games of the year.

Do you know what Nash, Richards, Dorsett, and Staal all have in common? They're the only current Rangers who are signed through the next two seasons. Pretty much our entire team will need a new contract after this and next season.

You don't think keeping Richards and his awful contract will handicap our team much?

Do you really believe in that, or are you just trying to have a different and unique opinion from everyone?

I would move Richards, even if this was a cap-free league. Without knowing who his replacement will be. Or how much he'll cost.

That's how ****ing worthless Richards has become. He couldn't click with either Nash or Gaborik. His playmaking ability has turned to garbage. He's slow as molasses, even though he's clearly trying to skate hard. I'm not sure what happened to his decision making ability. He's not reading plays right. He's too indecisive or predictable with the puck. He flat out sucks defensively. He's not winning faceoffs.

What purpose does a 6.7M player serve on a team that's starving for help in their top-6? A team that has a plethora of vital players that need to be retained?

Doesn't handicap our team? Seriously?

I can write a trilogy of epic proportions involving the various ways Richards handicaps our team.
Like I already said, I understand those points, your restating them doesn't really do much. Whatever happens will happen. I don't care who's right about it. Him being a Ranger or being bought out affects me in 0 ways. You want it to piss you off? Go ahead, but it doesn't bother me.

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