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06-29-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Rangers79 View Post
If you think they haven't talked about every possible out come with this I can assure you that you're dead wrong. Sather may make mistakes but I'm sure they know what this could do. And explaining this to Dolan doesn't mean he'll listen, camon now. Hell, if this handicaps the team that much, good. Let it handicap the team. Let Lundqvist walk if he wants 9 million dollars, hell let Callahan walk if he wants more than 5 million. Not like the Rangers have won anything with em anyway. Or hell, maybe it won't do anything and things will be fine. Maybe the Rangers should stop looking for other teams to produce talent. Rangers could do with a few years of bottom finishes to finally get some real talent on this team.
So you go from defending the Richards decision to supporting tanking. 2 wild extremes not really thought out clearly.

Have you sent your resume to Sather?

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