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Originally Posted by knuckles3030 View Post
Latendresse: Has the POTENTIAL to become a good top 6 forward, but nowhere near the hype he’s been getting. Don’t know if he can ever become a great POWER-FORWARD. Has not shown great physicality so far, and although he hit a lot to get a spot on the team, it’s not part of his natural game and he doesn’t that mean streak needed.

Plekanec: A good two-way forward with great speed and decent skills. Will not be a great second centerman who can put up 60+ points. If he can put up 40-50, that would be great, but that’s the definition of a 3rd center on a contending team these days.

Bouillon: A reliable 6th defenseman, not top 4 material on any contending team. May look like top 4 on OUR team in some games, but that’s no compliment to our defensive corp.

Perezhogin: Has the potential, but he’s a long way from achieving that potential, at least the one that many posters expect from him on these boards.

Begin: Tons of heart and grit, but still a fourth liner. Not the heart and soul of this team nor one of the most valuable players on this team as some here make him out to be.

This is no knock on any of these players, but it’s sometimes a little annoying how overrated they are with many posters on these boards that I’ve been reading for 2+ years now.

Now watch the fanboys come out with guns blazing…

My comments.

Latendresse: has the potential, but must work on footspeed.

Plekanec: It's WAY too early to pass that kind of judgment on him...well, maybe not but I disagree with your conclusion. 40-50 pts per year may be right, but he brings many elements to the game that most players don't. I will make 2 points about him right now: (1) It is completely fallacious to judge a player simply on the basis of potential point totals. It's absolutely absurd. (2) Some people do have the ability to judge potential. You may or may not. But he's played 6 games on the second line with Samsonov and Kovalev, world class players who have shown up for a cumulative total of 2 games this year. Personally, while I remain convinced that he is not YET a 2nd line finisher, I do think he has the ability to be a second line play maker and set up man. I emphasize the YET because that skill can be taught to a 23 year-old, and I reiterate, he has only played 6 games on this line and has been easily the best of the 3 players. I remain a staunch believer in his ability and consider him perhaps the most underrated player on the Habs.

Perezhogin: Definitely has the potential but may be redundant on a team that already has Kovalev, Samsonov, with Kostitsyn and Grabovski waiting in the wings. He will have to make himself more valuable than either Kovalev or Samsonov if he wants to stay on this team.

Begin: I don't know who has suggested that he is any better than a 4th line player, but you are right that he is not. On the other hand, having a player like Begin on your 4th line is invaluable. You cannot win without players like him.

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