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06-29-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by end2endrush View Post
Face it, we're not going to make any big moves tomorrow. Lots of talk, but realistically nothing will happen. And hate to say it, but this team is'nt going to win a Stanley Cup. We need another scorer, and were not gonna get it. 1.If any of you actually think bringing in AV will dramatically change this offense your delusional. It will be the same frustrating team as last year. 4.Trade Kreider while you can, he's not going to pan out
1) Wrong thread.

2) We don't know anything about tomorrow and neither do you, so you will be sitting pretty watching or waiting or whatever else like the rest of us.

3) You're right. The team right now won't. Hence why there should be some ideas in place on how to better this team.

4) Based on what?

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